The Evolution of Suspension Technology at Fat Cat Motorsports

This page is under development so in the meantime if interested you can watch this summary video for an Evolution of our FCM Elite tuning methods.

Since 1996 we've been obsessed with the hows and whys of vehicle suspension design and optimization. The first subject we collided with (literally!) was the use of the 'bump stop' or jounce bumper as it's also sometimes called. From 'you don't need them with a proper suspension design!' to 'they're sometimes useful, but only on street cars' we've done more than anyone to publicly share our investigations and realizations. Our 'How Bump Stops' work video series shows some of the charcateristics of various bump stops and we have an application guide to assist you in determining the right bump stops for your application. If you need additional help, we can do a 15 minutes ($75) consult to answer some brief questions about your bump stop needs. This not a full 30 or 60 min consultation but we understand the subject is complex enough that some expertise is useful to remove confusion. Also consider searching on a forum for your vehicle make or model or see a vendor who retails bump stops for your vehicle and they can also assist you.

Fat Cat Motorsports has been innovating novel technology wth race-winning experience to provide the most effective and reliable suspensions for our wide range of customers. The result? Maximum Grip, Exceptional Handling and Surprising Comfort.
Edmunds Online review: '94 Miata, "More grip than a (Nissan) GT-R!", Grassroots Motorsports track test: smoother and faster than Bilstein PSS9!
FCM custom coilover, NC/RX-8

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