FCM Elite coilovers for 06+ MX-5 and 04+ RX-8!
Fully-optimized for your needs,
now utilizing chassis data acquisition and shock potentiometers!

George H., RX-8 in STX, at 2011 Solo Nationals, West Course Run 3 AiM EVO4 suspension potentiometer data from East course Shaikh, RX-8 in STX, at 2011 Solo Nationals, East Course Run 2
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FCM custom coil-over

NC and RX-8 coilovers by FCM

NC upper mount hardware can be purchased to make installation a plug-and-play affair. Your initial cost is $300, we refund $150 upon receiving your OE hardware in exchange. Parts list or suspension diagrams
Shock force is non-adjustable, tuned to your vehicle usage ,weight and springs.
We customize the internal valving based on our extensive experience with
street-driven and competition vehicles.
Our high-quality, custom-valved monotube shocks are capable of
handling +/- 100 lb/in change in front spring rate, +/- 50 lb/in rear spring rate
We've even designed custom, recyclable polyethylene inserts and ultra-strong recyclable shipping boxes FCM packaging inner and outer shipping boxes to protect your investment and reduce environmental impact

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