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What makes us different?

We are artisans engaging with our patrons to sculpt unique works of automotive suspension art. All who appreciate attention to detail and understand the cost of Quality are welcome.

Thus, we aren't selling 'products' but promoting a ride and handling philosophy we call 'Ride Harmony.' Our founder, Shaikh, is a 'Mad Scientist,' 'Suspension Decoder', and 'Ride Harmonizer' who has relentlessly pursued suspension perfection for over 20 years. We invite you to "research" as you desire, and "reach out" with questions. We love making a personal connection!

We believe in making decisions based on facts rather than hype. We'll always tell you the truth. Truthfully, 'sporty' cars are designed to create a 'brand experience,' whether German brand P, or Japanese brand L, etc. None give you an advantage for putting up with a harsh ride.

We encourage you to be wary of advertising - TV, commercials, magazines, sponsorships. You need to evaluate a product based on sound principles, which is part of our educational approach. Much of what we've learned in the real-world about optimizing ride and handling comes from 'decoding' what the factory did then making changes that give you real improvements.

We can hear some racers thinking: 'I don't care about ride, I just want to win!' Guess what: your tires care! Those narrow rubbery balloons will only give their best if the suspension respects them. For a race car driven at its limits, we absolutely must apply 'The 3 Keys to Ride Harmony' first, then we integrate a second set of principles we call 'The 3 Secrets of Race Synergy.'

You must be even more careful if you buy aftermarket parts, which either focus on being cheap (and poor quality) or expensive (and over-hyped). Neither will satisfy or last. Paying more for 'knobs' and a name doesn't guarantee a better result, just a lighter wallet. Every aftermarket product we've 'decoded' falls short of our FCM Elite solutions.

Thinking long-term? Most shocks are not serviceable. Those that are usually have short rebuild cycles and many fail in short order. For nearly 20 years using Bilstein technology, we've proven it's possible to "have your cake and eat it, too." You'll savor a smooth and capable suspension that's durable and rebuildable if the need arises. Our goal is for you to simply turn the key and enjoy!

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'Built just for you' - how our FCM Elite Consulting and Design process works

Have questions? We encourage you to call the shop: 650-839-0290 and we're happy to speak with you for a few minutes, or use our contact form. For a longer (15 min) free 'Concept Q&A' session (plus $75 discount on FCM Elite damper services), fill out all 10 Ride Harmony survey questions. Note, these calls or emails are only for answering your general questions prior to starting our FCM Elite process.

Curious about customer feedback? Watch testimonials here. To learn more about suspensions and our methods, see the ''How Shocks Work' video series on our Suspension Truth YouTube channel.

Years ago, we discovered that your vehicle's dampers are responsible for the majority of what you like or hate about its ride and handling. we've developed and offer two level of highly-advanced optimization damper services: FCM Elite Stage 2 and FCM Elite Stage 3 Ultimate.

Rather than list products by make, model, etc, we offers services that can be optimized for a well-respected and widely-availble Bilstein-based shock or strut that works for your vehicle. It's all we use for our automotive art. We apply our FCM Elite technology and methods to a high-Quality and long-lasting Bilstein shock or strut that best suits your needs. Plus, their extensive components catalog and our close relationship with Bilstein Motorsports lets us get very creative in crafting a unique solution for you!

The springs you use are also critical to creating a suspension that sings with Ride Harmony™. There is a relationship between the front and rear suspension frequencies that must be created to have a 'Flat Ride'. You might use factory springs, or perhaps want to lower your car for looks or for racing. We can help determine the correct springs for your needs to ensure your suspension is able to work with the ground, instead of getting punished by it.

When it comes to changing the shocks or struts, rather than focusing on more knobs or complex electronics, we take the Formula 1 approach - put all the magic inside and leaves the knobs for the noobs! Every winning race car we've tuned in the past 6 years has been free of the complexity and hassles of knobs. As Anthony Zwain, multiple-time National Champion racer, says: "your stuff just works." All their race cars only use FCM Elite suspension.

Other companies sell mass produced 'parts' or 'kits' for quick delivery and NO optimization. They also promote multiple damping adjustments, 'tunable gas pressure' and the like. These might sound good, but are actually a sign of a generic design vs. an optimized, tailored approach. Which approach do you think gets better results?

Our consulting process ($250 per hour) involves a minimum 30 min consult fee for all new orders. If it's an application we've already worked on, that would be the extent of consulting fees. For new applications, additional consulting time will be required for research, measurements, analysis, etc. We'll let you know how much consulting time will be needed at the start of your build.

Once we understand you and your vehicle, then you can select one of two FCM Elite service levels: FCM Elite Stage 2 or FCM Elite Stage 3 Ultimate. We've proven for years that our Stage 2 service is superior to anything available and it remains our most popular upgrade for the discerning yet budget-minded enthusiast.

For those who want the best of everything and the most optimized suspension available, you'll want the FCM Elite Stage 3 Ultimate. This newly-refined Stage 3 Ultimate is what our race-winning customers are using. It's a unique combination of proprietary technology inspired from off-road racing, Formula 1, and World Rally Championship. We tailor the damper performance based on your application.

NOTE: cost of springs, dampers, or other hardware are NOT included in these prices. We will indicate a recommended component list and final price for your FCM Elite Project once we connect via phone, Signal app, or video messenger.

Since our 'official' start in 2006, Fat Cat Motorsports, Inc. has set the standard for thoroughness, durability, and customer satisfaction. We continue to learn and innovate our detailed FCM Elite approach to individually-optimized suspension solutions made to your specific needs. To begin the process of transforming your vehicle from 'sporty' (or sloppy) to Sublime, follow the FCM Elite process below.

Step 1 - Send in your FCM Elite Consultation form

Tell us about your experience, your vehicle, and goals. Indicate best times / methods to connect. Shaikh, our head 'Fat Cat', will be in touch to help design your FCM Elite Project.

Step 2 - Purchase your FCM Elite 30 min Consult session

Required prior your call with Shaikh, this $125 session fee let's us have an extensive dive into the details of what you need. Added R&D fees needed for new or unusual applications.

Step 3 - We'll outline your project then take your payment

All FCM Elite builds are tailored just for you. As such, full payment or a non-refundable 50% deposit are required to begin. A thorough estimate will be provided during your FCM Elite Consult call.

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