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Products available for 2004+ Mazda 3 and 2007+ Mazdaspeed 3 using Koni struts/shocks and stock OR lowering springs

Did you know the Mazdaspeed 3 corners on the front bump stops, causing understeer?

The factory front stops are much firmer than the rear and engage less than 1/2" from stock height.
This increases the front spring rate in a corner, leading to understeer and poor ride quality.
You can gain over 1.5" of suspension travel and improve ride using the FCM 47mm front bump stops

Our kit allows you to replace the front stops only or front and rear. We found that the rear stops are very soft and also engage during cornering.

UPDATED! Purchase Mazdaspeed 3 bump stops and customize kits through 5X Racing

NOTE1: When using Koni FSD dampers, ride quality & handling are best when the bump stops do not engage often,
therefore we are no longer including rear packers in our standard kits. They still may be purchased separately if desired.

NOTE2: For those who wish to retain the bump stops inside the front strut mount or rear upper shock mount,
a user on the Mazdaspeed Forums came up with a clever solution, inserting sections of a
1 1/2" PVC pipe coupler between the bump stop and shock mount. Gorilla Glue can be used to retain the coupler to the mount
but we don't recommend gluing the bump stop to the mount itself as the material needs flexibility to compress during operation.

FCM bump stops for MS3

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Front bump stop installation photos (click to enlarge),
Factory shock mount (black) on the right side of the first image below :

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