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With more than 20 years of experience, we're the world leaders in creating innovative, optimized suspension solutions for those seeking to experience Ride Harmony (or Race Synergy) with their vehicles. We've lovingly crafted over 1,200 unique FCM Elite suspensions for our discerning customers and proven our ability to exceed your expectations - whether for more comfort, better handling, or a blend of both. Importantly, we've chosen long-lasting components that are rebuildable if needed, unlike most shocks or struts which are 'throw-away' and negatively impact the environment. So your FCM Elite purchase is both an investment in your long-term enjoyment and an affirmation of being a responsible steward of our planet.

What makes us different?

Our novel FCM Elite Consultation process allows us to integrate your needs with our expertise and provide you a 'tailored' solution. Every Elite build is unique, just like you are! We relentlessly improved our methods and have developed patent-pending technologies that aid our goal of crafting 'Ride Harmony' for you. Whether you're ready to experience the benefits of an FCM Elite suspension, or seek our professional advice to remove confusion about what to buy, we'll take care of you. Your direct engagement with us begins with our Elite Consultation process.

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All projects require at least 50% deposit to reserve your place in our build queue. Please watch this video to learn about our Elite cost structure and features.

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Finding the 'perfect ride' is a journey, not a destination. We've discovered so much interconnectedness in vehicles, human and mechanical, and love musing about them.

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