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We believe in education based on facts. Truthfully, 'sporty' cars are designed to create a 'brand experience,' whether German brand P, Japanese brand L, or others. None give you an advantage for putting up with the harsh ride. When you learn about 'The 3 Keys to Ride Harmony' you can ask questions before you buy, whether a new car or aftermarket components.

We encourage you to be wary of advertising - TV, commercials, magazines, sponsorships. You need to evaluate a product based on sound principles, which is part of our educational approach. Much of what we've learned in the real-world about optimizing ride and handling comes from 'decoding' what the factory did then making changes that give you real improvements.

We can hear some racers thinking: 'I don't care about ride, I just want to win!' Guess what: your tires care! Those narrow rubbery balloons will only be at their best if the suspension treats them with respect. For a race car driven at its limits, we absolutely must apply the '3 Keys to Ride Harmony' first, then we integrate a second set of principles we call 'The 3 Secrets of Race Synergy.'

You must be even more careful if you buy aftermarket parts, which either focus on being cheap (and poor quality) or expensive (and over-hyped). Neither will satisfy or last. Simply paying more for 'knobs' and a name doesn't guarantee a better result, just a lighter wallet. Every aftermarket product we've 'decoded' falls short of our FCM Elite solutions.

Thinking long-term? Most shocks are not serviceable. Those that are usually have short rebuild cycles and many fail in short order. For nearly 20 years using Bilstein technology, we've proven it's possible to "have your cake and eat it, too." You'll savor a smooth and capable suspension that's durable and rebuildable if the need arises. Our goal is for you to simply turn the key and enjoy!

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Our Elite Consulting and Design process

Our YouTube channel, Suspension Truth, has many hundreds of videos covering all manner of suspension-related topics. Check out our popular 'How Shocks Work' video series, and many testimonials from our delighted Elite customers. For the fundamental concepts we apply to all builds, learn about 'The 3 Keys to Ride Harmony'. You can also find comments on various forums around the 'net.

Have questions? Try being old-fashioned like us and call the shop: 650-839-0290. Truly, we're happy to speak with you for a few minutes. Or use our contact form. For a longer (15 min) free 'Concept Q&A' session (plus $75 discount on FCM Elite damper services), fill out all 10 Ride Harmony survey questions. Note, these calls or emails are only for answering your general questions prior to starting our Elite process.

Beginning in 2006, and continuing to innovate now, we pride ourselves on having created and continually-refining a unique, detailed approach to individually optimized suspension solutions made to your specific needs. Imitators use similar words, but our results prove we stand out. To begin the process of transforming your vehicle from sporty (or sloppy) to Sublime, follow our Elite process below.

Step 1 - Send in your FCM Elite Consultation form

Tell us about your experience, your vehicle, and goals. Indicate best times / methods to connect. Shaikh, our head 'Fat Cat', will be in touch to help design your Elite Project.

Step 2 - Purchase your FCM Elite 30 min consult session

Required prior to our Consult call, this $125 session fee will provide you with 30 min of detailed insights. Additional consult fees will for highly-modified / unusual vehicles.

Step 3 - We'll outline your project then take your payment

All Elite builds are tailored to your needs and required a min non-refundable 50% deposit. A detailed estimate will be provided during the Elite consult call(s).

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Get revved up! Discover 'How Shocks Work' and more on our Youtube channel. This is a key place to for information, testimonials, and engaging with our audience.

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